Before I go stretch…

I just wanted to write a couple of quick notes today.

First all, I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful responses and support in my new venture. I appreciate the support and hope you continue to read this MLBlog as I try to open the door to a world most people don’t get to see.

Second, I wanted to let everyone know I will be wearing a microphone on tonight’s (Thursday, June 16) RSTN broadcast. So, for those of you who would like to hear my blather, instead of reading it, you’ve got that going for you. Just click that link.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve got to get outside and stretch.



    Hey Brian!
    This is a very cool thing you are doing! I am very excited to read about the player’s view! I have a brother in the minors right now, but not always do I get to hear what REALLY is going on in his life! Also VERY glad to hear you are starting to throw again! 🙂 Hope your arm gets healthy soon!

  2. Bob

    well, I’m clicking the link and I’m getting…a consulting website. I’m probably just not seeing something. By the way Brian, I’m actually making it a point to watch the Royals game tonight on…something I usually wouldn’t do unless the Orioles or Marlins were involved. So consider your blog a positive tool promoting your team!



    BA, I’ve really enjoyed this blog so far. I was thrilled when the Royals pulled the trigger and traded for you in the stretch run of ’03. I really hope they see you as an asset in the rebuilding process – every young team needs a veteran presence. Best of luck in your quest to return from the DL. I’ll be rooting for you all the way.

    Take care.


    Keep working Brian. Thanks for the insight, and the RSTN interaction is really great. We do appreciate your work here in KC, and we hope that you will be back soon. 2004 was an aberration, 2005 is your year.


    Hey Brian, I love having you do in game commentary with Bob and Split! I have seen other networks do it in the playoffs and wondered why it wasn’t done more often. I’ve been a Royals fan my whole life, and it’s great to see you guys playing better under Buddy. If you have time to, please tell us more about how you use video to prepare for a certain team or just to adjust what you do on the mound. Thanks, and good luck on your road to recovery!!



    brian… as a former resident of dayton, i’ve been following your career since wright state.

    finding this blog has absolutely made my day.


    Keep up the good work, BA, and I imagine you’ll do quite well when you come back. And here’s hoping Mike gets well soon. Glad to hear it’s not as serious!

    5 in a row, 11-4!!


    HEY BA! really enjoyed you on the game tonight and really enjoyed the Royals 5th straight win and second series sweep under buddy bell! can you tell us what kind of attitude buddy has brought to the clubhouse? i know it has me and my family excited to watch the games and we can’t wait to make the 2 hour trip to kauffman stadium to see our 5th game in person this year! GO ROYALS!


    Great to hear you on RSTN, really enjoyed what you had to say about the team. I also enjoy the interviews you do on 810 WHB. Hope you join them after your career is over. But for now hope to see you on the hill soon! Good luck on your rehab and congrats to the team!


    Hey Brian!
    It’s awesome that you’re blogging, and I really enjoyed hearing you on RSTN last night. I know how badly you wanna play again, but it must not be too bad getting to watch your teammates lately. I was at the game Wednesday when Lima got his first. Finally! It’s really exciting to watch and I can’t wait for your next post!



    Way to throw out the “D0nkey Punch” line on television! I had to rewind the TIVO to make sure that I heard it correctly. Had me cracking up all through the commercial break.


    Before I start, I’d like to say it’s great to see you in a Royals uniform this year. There had been rumors at the end of last year that were saying you’d be heading out of town and I lvoe the fact that you are back. Thanks for staying with our boys, I’ve been a Royals fan since the moment I was born and I’m still proud to say I still am. I can’t wait to se you back in the lineup and on the mound!!


    What do George Brett, Frank White, Bret Saberhagen, Kevin Appier, Bo Jackson, and both McCraes have in common?

    They never said “************” on live tv.

    Brian Anderson: Best. Royal. Ever.

    Is anybody going to tell Bob and Split what that means? I bet Denny knows…


    Hey, Brian,

    I was born in Cleveland, OH, and currently live in Phoenix, AZ, so following your career has become a part of my enjoyment of the game of baseball.

    I am getting a kick out of reading your blog, but I would much rather watch you pitch (especially if you could come back to the D-Backs, or the Indians!)

    You have been a strong influence in the life of my son, Ken. In high school he pitched for his school team, and being a lefty, looked and through a lot like you do. We often went to D-Back games only when you were on the mound, and my son studied and studied your moves, motions, etc.

    I’ll end this here, but, again, thanks for all the joy you have brought to my family with your wit, talent, and love for the game of baseball.

    Hope to see you up and pitching soon.

    Keith Gibson


    BA –

    Love getting the inside scoop and hearing about your day. I’d love to hear some insight from your days in the minors too.

    Get off the DL already!



    Just wanted to tell you good luck on your rehab and hope to see you next year. I was up in oh. in june and stopped to see your dad and he told me you had arm problems and gave me your web site so I can keep better track of you.I was waitning for you to come down to fl. for the devil rays games in july but you couldn’t make it so i will keep tabs on you and hope to see you see you next year when you come down here.


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