The Glamour and Glitz of Off Days on the Road

The Trip

Well, since I’ve had about 48 hours of free time on my hands since our last game, I figured it was time for another entry.

First of all, as you’re probably aware, we just got swept in Chicago. We are now 0-9 against the White Sox this season — we have to find a way to beat those guys at least once this year. Seriously.

Following the game, we had a flight to Denver Traffic with an off day on Thursday. So as if it’s not bad enough getting swept by Chicago, it takes us an hour and a half to get to the airport through Chicago traffic.

We finally get on the plane and our pilot comes across and says there’s a horrible storm over the airport and we’re going to be stuck in a holding pattern.

But the good thing about a delay is that in the 45 minutes of trying to dodge this storm, the pilot made a series of maneuvers that would make the Blue Angels proud. By the way, for future reference, it’s not a lot of fun to feel like you’re on a bombing run after getting beat three straight games. After all that fun, we capped it off with a bus ride to the hotel.

The Off Day

I’ve gotta tell you that off days on the road, unless you already have something pre-planned, already in the works or already set up, it’s just the worst. It’s absolutely the worst. It’s just a waste of an off day.

I got up, went and got a good work out in, and then it’s like, "Now what do I do."

Annikanl060105Of course the U.S. Women’s Open is in town, so there’s not a rental car to be had. At least if you had a rental car, there’s things you could find to do. But I called every rental car company in the yellow pages. Even the ones that start their names with four A’s, you know, like AAAA Advantage Car Rental. I figured they would have at least one car. The best offer I got was "I can get you a Neon in about an hour."

So I’m like, "I’m not a big fan of the Neon and I kind of need it now." No such luck.


Well now you just walk up and down the 16th Street mall. And in case you didn’t know, men really aren’t built to be very good shoppers. So as you can imagine I didn’t accomplish a whole lot there. But I did go and visit a tattoo parlor. See, that’s what happens when you have an off day in Denver, with nothing planned and no rental car.

After spending who knows how much time picking out the style and design, I finally got my daughter’s name, Rylyn Mae, tattooed above my elbow on my right tricep. She’s about four and a half months old, so I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. The key was finding a place within cab range and getting it done.

Last night was actually pretty good, though. Map_g A few of us got together and went down to the Sports Column and watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals. I mean, I’m not a big NBA guy, but Game 7 of any sport is clutch. And having been part of two game sevens in a championship setting, I know what the feeling is going into those. It was fun to watch and congratulations to San Antonio. To be nine points down in a low-scoring game and rally is pretty impressive.

That was my day. I know some of the guys Sweeney had some cool things to do. Mike Sweeney went on a fishing trip, some of the guys went to movies a few others went golfing. Me — I decided to scar my body. Not the best choice, I guess, but it had to be done.

Today wasn’t much better. You’ve just tried to kill all day yesterday, when you wake up today and you’re like, "Sweet, I only have until 3 p.m. to go to the ballpark."

By the time this series is over, it will feel like we’ve been here for a week. I might even be a Colorado resident.

I just wish we would have played on Thursday.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, the best place for an off day is Cleveland. Why? Because I can go home. But San Francisco is usually pretty good because you can find a group of guys to go to Alcatraz, which is very interesting.

As for baseball, this is a big series. We all know that Buddy wants us to perform very well here since he used to manage here in Colorado.

Until next time…..



    Hey Brain,
    I know that you guys will be able to beat the white soxs somehow…No matter how bad things get,You guys always put your best effort out!I wish you guys the best of luck on the future games!!

    On July 3rd ,hopefully, i’ll see you..I finally get to come to one of your guys games!I haven’t been to one in about 3 years, so I can’t wait!

    I was just wondering…When do you think you’re going to be able to start pitching again?



    Brian, thank you very much for the mention. Glad you had the opportunity to stop by the Sports Column. Hopefully you had a wonderful time and the beer was nice and cold (at least I hope you overheard the beer was nice and cold). Please ask for me the next time you visit. I know your time in Denver is limited and even though getting a tattoo of your daughters name is highly respectable I can give you some other ideas on how to kill time in Denver.
    Thanks again,

    Mark Kinsey


    Sports Column Denver, LLC


    Sorry the road trip has not been real successful but hopefully you’ll win a couple in Colorado & Minnesota. I thinks it’s cute you got your daughters name on your arm.

    About the NBA, not a big fan either but since I was born in Detroit I was going for the Pistons, so was not too thrilled they lost, oh well. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the time in Colorado and then in Minnesota!

    When do you think you will start rehabbing? And is there an estimated time for you to be back on the mound for the Royals? I am just anxious! See ya when you guys get back into town! God Bless!



    Im wasnt too interested in the NBA championship either, so I skipped it. If my Suns were not in it, it wasnt worth my time. Yep, Im stubborn 😉

    Im not too happy about these losses to the rockies…I know you guys have the stuff to beat them…I know you do..You gotta keep the boys in line Brian! Kick the whole team in the butt for me 😉 I want to see a good ol’ win tomorrow! GO ROYALS!


    Surprise, AZ


    You should’ve stopped into the ESPNzone. Some of your teammates came in and I think John and Angel enjoyed their time in our arena. I wish the team the best of luck tomorrow in the finale against the Rockies. I will be there cheering as loud as my lungs will allow.


    You should’ve stopped into the ESPNzone while in Denver. Some of your teammates came in and I think John and Angel enjoyed their time in our arena. I wish the team the best of luck tomorrow in the finale against the Rockies. I will be there cheering as loud as my lungs will allow. Take care!


    I just found this blog cool it is. Very happy for your success Brian, keep up the good work, always knew you would be successful. Keep up with the blogs, it is nice to keep up with your days. Tracee (class of 93 Geneva High)


    Brian, thanks for the blog man! This thing is great! It’s awesome to me that you would take time every once in awhile to let the average fan have an idea of what it’s like to be a big leaguer! I especially like the title, since I myself am a lefty as well! Have fun, and lets win some games in Minnesota!-Michael J. Seeley


    My wife and I drove out to Denver last weekend to see the game on Saturday. We drove 9 hours from KC for the game. I can relate to how difficult it was to get around (fortunately, we had our car and avoided the rental car situation). We did get bumped from our hotel though. Thanks for the insight on life on the road. Lastly, it was good to see you out and moving around shagging balls during batting practice (I was sitting front row in LF) – hopefully you’ll be in game action soon! Jake – Season Ticket Holder – KC, MO


    One last thing – I second Meagan’s comment on the ESPNzone in Denver. Fine establishment. We even ran in to a waitress from KC who served some of your teammates the day before. Definitely a great place to have a meal and enjoy a game.

  11. Bob

    I’ve always enjoyed ESPNzone in Orlando…pretty sure they’re the same everywhere.

    Brian, too bad about the ChiSox…they need to be stopped. They’re doing well this year, but overachieving to the max. I am glad however to see them do well with ex Marlin coach Ozzie running the show. I know he has a big history in Chicago, but the World Series win was a sweet one for us Marlins fans and we ‘ll never forget those that got us the championship.

    It has to be tough being on this losing streak, but hang in there. As a fan of the game, you players should know we suffer with each loss as well…believe it or not probably as much as the players themselves. Take it from a guy that had to endure the beginning of the 1988 season as an Oriole fan…21 straight losses…it gets better.The team bounced back and made a run the next year, barely missing the playoffs. This is why I can’t stand Toronto!

    good luck tomarrow in Minnesota.




    Glad to see this blog. I found out about it reading Jeffrey Flanagan’s column in the KC Star. It’s great to have a blog for us LONG-SUFFERING Royals fans.

    I live in Charlotte NC, so obviously I don’t make it to The K for any games, but I follow the team religiously on the internet. Hope you will be back to your old self soon and the team will get back to winning games.

    James E.


    Hey Brian, I just found this blog while tooling around the Royals website, great idea!!!! I’ve always wanted to know things like what you guys do on your day off. I have a question though, do you ever get sick of seeing and hanging out with the same people day after day- it’s different from being in an office (like me)- you have to see the same people all the time, almost 24/7- does hanging out as a group make the team stronger, or want to rip each others throats out? LOL!! Anyway, good luck on your rehab, hope to see you back in good form really soon!



    What happened to you? This would not be an approved off-field activity at Tech. I think the fans want to hear about what got BA not DA like some tool wrote earlier to where he is today. Discuss how you think Larry Bird is the best ever and how you used to be a huge Big Boss Man fan. We want to hear about how someone can claim a snow day from class in the middle of June. Just busting your chops. Get off the DL soon and help this miserable team. Keep Grienke away from any sharp objects or high buildings. Always remember that Gregg is spelled with 2 G’s-Murf in the Nati


    So, Brian… I heard Mike Sweeny tonight on TV saying how you told him to be careful what he says when he’s on TV talking to Bob and Split. Just wondering if that was a reference to you on TV last week and the “************” mention?? I laughed my @!# off!! Also, did I hear Sweeney call Mark Tehan “Tea Bag”?…. AWESOME!!!!


    Stop bloging and finish your rehab, like the things I read, but would love to see the fastball and change up a lot more. Good luck and get back quick, because “Lima time” is about to expire.


    Hey Brian:
    It’s Nicole (wheels, your friend from Nationals in Anaheim Ca). How are you doing? I hear you will be back soon. Good because I was going to come watch you guys play in Oakland in Aug. Hopefully you will pitch a game that series. Well if you remember who I am write me back it would be great to hear from you. TIMBERGIRLSANGEL@AOL.COM is my email. Talk to you later, and good luck!

    Love Nicole


    Hey Brian- hope ya don’t mind I keep commenting on here. I love this thing you have going! Anywho, I heard you start rehabbing on Mon. and after 3 starts you will be back officially. I am just thrilled!! I can’t wait for you to be back on that mound. And you know, your first time out you need to throw me your warm up ball, haha! I mean, only if ya wanna! Anyway, hope things continue to go well for you! See ya at the ballpark in right field!!! God Bless!


    Brian, it’s me Max in Cleveland, you know my mom. I hope you get back to pitching soon, I want to see you in Cleveland when we come to the game on July 18. I hope your arm is better. Write me back.


    Hello Brian,

    I’m lovin’ your blog, dude. Just wanted to say thanks for the insight into the life of a baseball player that the fans otherwise do not see. I know it was a tough road trip but there is always tomorrow’s game to improve upon past mistakes and circumstances. Good luck!!




    Hi Brian, I enjoy reading your blog. I came across something interesting recently while playing Trivial Pursuit that I would like for you to explain. Here’s the question: “What crafty Arizona southpaw accidentally ironed his face while watching a game on TV?”
    Hope to see you back on the mound at the K soon.


    Hey Brian, thanks for the insight on your baseball life on the road. I’ve been on the road for 60 days now, active duty Air Force, and would gladly trade you my 60 for a week in Arizona and San Francisco. How is the arm doing and when will we see you back on the mound? Looks like the team needs some help, in a hurry! Keep your head up and hope to see you ringing up K’s soon.

    Brian AndersEn


    Okay, so here I am in the middle of the desert on a government installation in Utah (of all places). I meet a fireman from South Carolina who recognized me as being someone I went to high school with over 15 years ago. I dusted off the ol’ yearbook (89)and as we went through it he gave me updates on our classmates. You being one of them. I think it’s great what you’re doing with your talents and I’m proud of you, not only for our home state of Ohio but for our small town back in Geneva. I’m just sorry that I’ve only recently picked up on your success and wasn’t able to follow your career from the beginning. However! I WILL be sure to follow it from now on. Good luck to you and your family…rest your elbow and get back out there and show em’ how its done.

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