Rehabbing, not golfing and the best Web site

First of all, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m still doing the blog. I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve actually been busy pretending to be a Major League Baseball player this past week.

This last week I threw a simulated game in Minnesota. Even though it was just a simulated game before batting practice, I was actually nervous about it and had butterflies. After all, I haven’t faced a batter in six or seven weeks.

For those of you that don’t know, a simulated game is basically just a chance to face some live batters. You get some of your teammates in there that want to get some extra at bats and you go at them like a regular game. You have a catcher calling pitches, pitching coach working as the umpire and front office officials checking things out. By the way, pitching coach Guy Hansen calls a better game that some umpires we’ve seen recently and has been WAY more consistent.

But it went very well and I’ll be pitching in Wichita on Monday, July 4 in a rehab game. Hopefully, I’ll be back shortly after the All-Star Break.

As a team, the last couple of weeks have been somewhat of a struggle, but there is still a different feel around the club. Even though we are losing games, it’s not the same way we were losing games before. I know guys are still excited and up on the bench, shouting encouragement to their teammates and showing a lot of life. We’ve just run into some top of the line pitching that has been at the top of their game. But I think it’s just a bump in the road and hopefully we’ll get back on a winning path.

Sweeney’s Golf Tournament
Thursday was an off day and I attended Mike Sweeney’s Golf Tournament that he hosts with Tony Richardson that benefits FCA.

I obviously didn’t play since I’ve had enough goofy injuries. I didn’t want to add “Playing golf on an off day before a rehab assignment” to the list.

So I basically went out early to glad hand, meet some people and sign some autographs — if anybody was asking for them. Needless to say I only signed one. It was for some guy as soon as I got out of my car. I was like, “Wow, this is going to be nice.” But that was it for the day.

On the bright side, I did have a couple of people ask me if I could carry the clubs over to their cart. I had to let them know I was busy restocking coolers.

Seriously, though, it was nice to spend some time with the guys. I wanted to be there for Mike, even though I wasn’t going to play. It seemed to be a good turnout and I think things went relatively well.

At least they did for me, because I came out of it with a signed Priest Holmes jersey and a signed Tony Richardson jersey at the end of the dinner/auction, which actually brings up an interesting point…

Since I wasn’t going to be there fore the dinner or auction, I left a blank check for Mike Sweeney and told him to put it to good use, hoping to get a good item. He came back with two items. Although he didn’t cash the check for himself, he did take some liberties. But it was for a good cause and that’s ok.

Even though I don’t collect sports memorabilia, I can now add the two jerseys to my other items. I’ve got a Rolling Stones autographed guitar, my wife gave me a Peyton Manning signed helmet and I’ve got a Mark McGwire bat. I used to have a Mark McGwire baseball (from the year he hit 70) until my Rottweiler decided to make it a chew toy.

No joke.

The year he hit 70, I got a signed bat that was actually given to me by Mike Morgan (who will go down as one of the best all-time teammates), and a signed ball. And then I found the ball in Libby’s mouth. Libby’s since been given away, even though it had nothing to do with the ball, contrary to what some people think.

On a side note, Andrew Sisco is way too excited about his new bottle of teeth-whitening Listerine that he’s been taking out to the bullpen. I’m not really sure why, but that’s just a little sample of some of the day-to-day things that go on in this clubhouse.

Web Watch
I have to share a new Web site with you guys. For all you fans of band gear, I have a great new site for you. It’s Push Posters. Every band you can think of (except Poison, at least I couldn’t find Poison). But every other band out there, they have jewelry, posters, T-shirts. It’s an absolute joke.

It’s the best site for band gear I have EVER come across.

So I will be throwing out my threadbare 80’s big-hair metal band T-shirts and replacing them with new ones, thanks to this Web site. My first purchases will be Guns N’ Roses shirts to make into work-out shirts for the field and Guns N’ Roses shirts to wear around the house, because my wife won’t let me leave the house in them. She says “You’re 33 years old, not 18.”

So I’ll have a couple for the field, a couple for home, since I’ve got an embargo on wearing the concert T-shirts to the store. I’ve also picked up a couple of surprise shirts for some teammates.

Well, gotta to go to Wichita. Talk to you soon.



    Im glad your simulated game went well. Cant wait until after the all star game so the Royals can have ya back 🙂

    btw, can you say congrats to Mike for me? I hope he has an awesome time at the all star game!

    Too bad not many people asked for your autograph, because I would have if I was there. I still need your autograph for my team ball and my former “dback” colllection. I was going to ask you during spring training, but you were zooming places fast, lol. If your around next March, I will be sure to ask you.

    HOw I would love your Peyton Manning signed helmet! WOW!

    and my new puppy, grabbed my Tony Graffinano ball today and ran with it. Try chasing down a 7 week old, pretty fast pup.

    Keep the updates coming Brian!


    Surprise AZ


    Hey Brian- best of luck to you in your rehab stint! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE BACK ON THAT MOUND AT KAUFFMAN STADIUM!!!!!! Keep up the updates! God Bless, your #1 fan Michelle!


    Hey BA it’s your number #1 fan in the nati. Don’t you think the phrase #1 fan is thrown around way too often. I thought it was time for me to chime in and offer the lighter side of what should be posted on the BLOG. First thing do you think you can get a DEF LEPPARD shirt on that site. Suppose a rock out of the question? Also if you get the long sleeve Def shirt can you get that with 1 sleeve or 2? These are just random thoughts. If you are going retro why don’t you bust out your GnR outfit from the show at the Nutter Center I know you still have it. I did see Axl at the last Reds game and I actually put a quarter in his cup. I usually don’t do that but he had a dog with him so I felt bad. Speaking of dogs do you think that Dutchess is dead. You do remeber Dutchess belonged to Mark and Jack ***wick. Well I have taken up enough of your time. For all you readers I will be here all year and BA stay in touch and remeber if your skin is made of wax stay away from any candles. Peace I’m out-Murf


    I am a huge Royals fan and love to watch you guys play, win or lose. There does seem to be a difference in the players and their attitudes since we got Buddy Bell. Whatever the reason for this, I dont care, it’s nice to see the players enjoying themselves and seeming to have fun. I enjoy reading your blog, especially the little insights into the players and yourself. Got anything on DeJesus? There never is enough information out there about the Royals, even in the Kansas City Star, which to me is just ridiculous given the coverage the Chiefs get. I did have the opportunity meet you in St. Joseph, Missouri a couple of years ago during the Royals Caravan with Ken Harvey. I got your autograph and was able to speak with both of you for a little bit. You seemed like a nice guy and I wish you the best of luck for a speedy return. We could really use you right now!Your #1 Royals Fan-Charity

  5. Bob

    I’m not much of a collector either, but the things I do have are for me to pass down to my kids. From my first foul ball from the Florida State League to a 1987 team signed ball from the Rochester Red Wings I collected myself after a game. To me, its not about money…it’s just about baseball.

    On a side note, in 1998 a group of friends got together and went to see the Marlins play the Cardinals. I was lucky enough to see McGwire break the NL record for HR’s when he hit two. Lance Painter went out of his way to give my friends son a ball. Great guy.



    Your a nut…..I wish I could find my Iron Maiden shirt from 1983….first metal concert I attended. Thought about rushing the stage at Def Leppard, bouncers are big dudes. Hey…you grow old but you never grow up. Rock on..


    I also witnessed McGwire break the homerun record, was watching with my parents. And I, of course, got all emotional! Just a ****** for that kinda of sentamental stuff. I am collector of sports memorabilia, just like autographed baseballs and jerseys I have collected, some of great sentamental value to me! I also have this thing for palm trees, so anything with a palm tree on it. I am going to Hawaii for my bday in Oct and will get my fill of palm trees!!! Anyway, I am really loving this blogging Brian. And I like reading others comments! Keep it up Bri, and hurry back to the mound!! See ya in the stands! God Bless!


    Don’t feel bad about the autographs, BA. I would’ve asked for one if I had been there. Anyway, we Royals fans hope that you will be back soon cause we need a good lefty in the rotation.

    What is your pitching song? It sounds like you have pretty good taste in music. Mark Teahen’s song that he had in the Astros series made my ears bleed. But Guns n Roses is cool.

    Good luck in rehab.


    It’ll be great to have B.A . back in the rotation after the Break. By the way, what is the Royals’ record in simulated games this year? — Kydo, KC, MO


    Hey Brian, you might not remember me, but I met you when you came into my store, Lucky Brand Jeans, shortly after spring training. I was the one who whipped out my circa 1988 Royals velcro wallet! I just wanted to let you know how nice it was to meet you and your family, you all were extremely nice!

    On your next flight for a road trip, you have to get a dvd of “The Family Guy” to watch. If you like Arrested Development, you should find The Family Guy to be just about as funny!

    Along with everybody else, I am really looking forward to having you back in the rotation. ~Scott, Prairie Village, KS


    Hey Bri- I heard about the setback with your elbow and just want to say I am so sorry. I am just crushed, heartbroken for you, the team, as well as myself. You are one person that does not deserve this. Good things are supposed to happen to wonderful people. Well, I am keeping you in my prayers that it’s not as bad as you think and you will be back at some point this season. Because I hate the thought of the next time you pitch it would be for a different team. Even though I am a Brian Anderson fan for life and will cheer for you whole heartedly no matter who you play for, I just hope to God it’s with the Royals! You are a bright light to whomevers path you cross and I just want you to stick around here. Well, I hope you will still come hang out in the bullpen when you can! I love seein you run out there! Keep your chin up Bri! Keep up that great attitude! Have a great break and good luck with the DR. in LA. Hope to see you soon! God Bless!



    I am so sorry to hear about your elbow 😦

    Keep strong Brian and never give up. Your fans will be waiting for your comeback 🙂


    Surprise, AZ


    Brian-sorry to hear that they shut you down for the rest of the season. I was really looking forward to getting you back in the rotation good and healthy and see if we can maybe make a run up to at least .500! I doubt we’ll get there, but it’s even more likely we won’t without your help on the mound. Get yourself healthy and come back strong next season!


    Hi Brian,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re done for the year…I can’t imagine how disappointing it must be for you 😦 Injuries…the lousy part of the game that happens to the nicest people.

    Your fans here in AZ are rooting for you and will continue to until you’re back on the mound…Hmm…the DBacks could use some pitching help in the future…we’d love to see you back here one day!

    All the best, BA, stay strong and take your time to be the best you can. We’re cheering for ya. Peace!

    -Bonnie in AZ



    The news of your setback was awful to hear. I was very glad when the Royals traded for you in ’03, and was again when you re-signed instead of going back to Cleveland. I hope your arm heals completely and you are back in a Royals uniform again.


    hey BA. i haven’t talked with your dad in a couple years but figure you at least got to see them this trip home.
    i’ll bet you’ll get the okay to re-hab at the Jake this winter, if you want.


    I always feel like I’m bugging you guys asking for autographs. It’s hard to find just the right time, you know? Great blog Brian, can’t wait to have you back in the line-up. Good luck in Witchita!


    Hey BA, Boston here. Sorry to hear that you are done for the season, it must be hard sitting out. I hope you are injury-free soon. I was looking forward to seeing you play in Boston. It’s a great town, a great place to play, just no Sushi Rock like in Cleveland. Your buddy Schill must be disappointed too. Hope your rehab goes well.


    Brian, how can the site NOT have Poison, that’s just wrong! I checked out the site and Van Halen was present, so I’m satisfied. Want to get a FREE poison fix? Check out Keep up the blog. Good to hear the ramblings of one of baseballs real good guys. Hope to see you on the mound again soon.


    Hey Brian,

    Enjoy reading your blog. Hey, don’t throw out those old t-shirts! You may be surprised what they are bringing on e-bay–even the stanky threadbare ones. LOL



    You would have no reason to remember me, but you came into my store (Circuit City in Overland Park) a while back looking for a portable DVD player and I tried to help you out a bit. The reason that I bring that up is because I REALLY wanted your autograph, but I figured you’d probably be irritated ’cause people ask for it all the time. After reading your blog, I kinda felt bad about not asking. lol

    Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going to have to have surgery. Like everybody else has said, bad stuff shouldn’t happen to good people like that.

    I don’t want to take up all the space on this page, but I did want to say that I’ve moved to the Independence Circuit City now as a manager, so if you’re ever in the area and need some electronics, come by and see me. I’d love another shot at that autograph.

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